Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Note from Iethiopia, our most eloquent new member...

"Hi All
I was walking on the railroad the other day admiring the beauty. There was a sloping hill, I wanted to see what was at the bottom of it. There was a snow covered field with sunlight reflecting off of some ice. It was tranquil and then suddenly a disturbing barking perpetrated my concentration. Four dogs were down there, maybe a football field distace away. I ignored them because I heard someone shouting and I asumed that it was the owner. Next thing I knew the dogs were on the tracks growling. I saw a news clip where drugs are being smuggled into the US by dogs. Apparently the dealers cut open the dogs underside, put in the goodies (drugs) and sew the dogs back up. A toast to all illtreatment of our four legged nemesis."

Of course, I have to agree with Iethiopia here. First of all, there's nothing quite as annoying and un-tranquil as dogs barking. Boo to that!

Secondly, I have a newfound respect and appreciation for drug smugglers! That's so cool that they hurt dogs AND deliver healing narcotics to the masses. Double bonus!

Death to all dogs!

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