Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Welcome to our newest member, Iethiopia! Iethopia is very passionate about our PFL cause. As soon as we saw his creative and enthusiastic devotion to the PFL message, we knew we just had to have him in our organization. He brings with him an intelligence and thoughfulness that really fits nicely with the tone of our group.

Here is a poem that Iethiopia wrote about the wisdom of not owning pets. He wrote this during his membership application process. Enjoy!

Dear Comrades
I have written a Pro PFL poem. There is a pattern: there is six stanzas, there are six words repeated at different locations in the stanzas, the six words are "call-dogs-mind-are-between-given."

Patrol and Control

by Iethiopia

I will call to mind a scary comparison

Between cops and dogs

They are both given the authority

To protect and serve

Out of the kennel dogs file

Between any given meal they are maraudering

Mind less mutts prone to maul

The first stranger to call to them

Given that dogs fall between the beneficial categories

Of Seeing Eye and law enforcement

Call them tools and acquaintances

But they are not to mind as best friends and family

Mind the tongues of who are known as pet owners/lovers

It is daily treason to value your dogs over humans

Canines won't distinguish between foods given to it

And regurgitated/defecated matter, they call it all food

Dogs don't mind if you were given higher intelligence

They are awaiting a time to turn on you

Call those curs from the victims

Between their jaws

The difference between me and you

Is the inferior mind that you accept when you are given a pet

You dress, kiss, clean, and sleep with your dogs

And you call me crazy.

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