Sunday, August 28, 2005

OK, first we had Stuffoncats.com or whatever the hell it was called. Now we have Cats in Sinks.

I guess every 2-bit web designer now thinks it's OK to buy a succinct, descriptive domain name and slap together some type of "pets in certain situations"-themed site. Why do these sites get so popular, so quickly? Is there really such an appetite for such idiotic diversions? Don't real life and human-focused activities hold any allure for all you "web surfers" out there?

Well, count me out. Although it does give me something to write about here and, in this particular instance, the fact that the cats are in sinks gives me hope that perhaps the cats are unhappy in the sinks because they don't like water. Perhaps this is some sort of cat abuse disguised as fodder for a Hallmark card? I don't know. But I can only hope that someone turns the faucet on and drowns those kitties ASAP.

Believe me, if I could stand to have a cat within 2 feet of me, I would do it myself.

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