Saturday, February 12, 2005

I'll assume that if you visit this site or are in our group, you have enough rational and intelligent reasons to keep dogs, cats, and other varmint out of your life. But, in case you're sitting on the fence on this issue, I offer you the following news story, plucked from today's paper:

Woman Dies Trying To Rescue Dog From Cliff
February 12, 2005

ENUMCLAW, Wash. -- A woman died Friday after falling about 350 feet off a cliff near Enumclaw, Wash., while trying to rescue a dog.

Police say the 30-year-old woman was hiking with two female friends and their four dogs near the Mud Mountain Dam, located about 45 miles southeast of Seattle.
One of the dogs ran ahead of them on the trail high above the White River and fell over the edge. The dog landed on a ledge about 10 feet below the trail but the women could not reach it.
Deputies say the woman then tried holding on to a branch as she attempted to reach out to the dog. But the branch broke and she fell. Her identity is not immediately available.
King County Sheriff's Deputy Ed Christian told KIRO-TV in Seattle that the dog survived.

This is yet another example of why PFL is needed in this world. Countless humans put the needs of idiotic dogs in front of their own, even their need for self-preservation. This is obviously the incorrect order of things. Kind of like a child dying before a parent.

Plus, I bet if you could ask the dead woman if she regretted her actions, she would say no. She would be glad that she could sacrifice her life for Fluffy's, because - THANK GOD! - the dog ended up surviving this situation.

Crap, I need a drink.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Today we have received further proof that PFL is changing lives every day. Here is an email that I just got from someone who happened upon our site. I'll have to ask her what words she searched on in order to find us. Hopefully it was something great like "dogs suck" or "kill pets."

Molly, for your intelligence and enthusiasm, you are now a full-fledged member of PFL. Congratulations!

Anyway, here is an email I received from a grateful girl named Molly who no longer has to feel ashamed or alone in her very sensible and wise hatred of pets:

I just wanted to tell whoever, that I am in such pleasant shock at your website. I have, forever hated pets and pet -people, pet -talk, whatever and I have felt so ALONE. I always have thought there was something inhuman about me because everyone you talk to loves their stupid, smelly and annoying pets. My heart is racing right now because I am so excited that there are normal, smart people out there that think like me. I could cry!
I am so annoyed and tired of pets and pet owners. What makes people think you want to sit next to a reeking dog? Or eat off of a table a cat has drug it's ass accross? I feel so liberated to be able to say this. I laughed so hard when someone posted the fact that a stupid dog has no idea if it's walking by the bay or inner city park. THANK YOU! They are stupid and heartless and they WILL turn on you. Why do so many people think they have a human brain and human thoughts and feelings? THEY DO NOT!!!!!!
Pets do not talk, they do not think, they are gross. I am sick of every damn house owning a stupid loud, disgusting dog and thinking that I want to watch it, talk about it, and pet it, and love it. It is so annoying.

I appreciate being able to vent. I know I did not say anything earth-shattering or even clever. I just had to reiterate what you guys have said. Thank you so much.


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